What We Do

About Us 1

Young adultsBy helping make it safe and convenient for more people to ride a bike more often, we’re helping make our region a cleaner, healthier, happier place to live and work.

We focus our work in two broad areas: public agencies and private entities that influence where and how people can ride bikes, and bike-riders themselves, including those people who want to ride a bike but currently don’t ride due to concerns about convenience, access and safety.

To protect and improve access for people who ride bikes, we closely review the traffic impacts of proposed development projects. We also monitor safety hazards and demand improvements in places like the Carlson Corridor in East Sacramento and elsewhere around the region.

To encourage more people to choose bicycling as a convenient and safe way to get around, we participate in May is Bike Month, the region’s annual campaign to encourage bike commuting, we offer valet bike parking to make it more convenient to reach community events by bike, and we distribute free bike lights to help make bike-riders more visible at night. We also evaluate bicycling conditions in neighborhoods surrounding elementary schools for Safe Routes to School projects managed by WALKSacramento.

fireworks at leveeSince this spring we’ve advocated for converting curbside parking spaces into public spaces and restore our public streets as places for people, not just cars. Next spring we hope to organize one-day, car-free open streets events where residents can enjoy their neighborhood by bike or on foot.

We also regularly host rides and other events to give friends and neighbors more opportunities to share the pleasures of exploring their communities by bike.