BIG Day of Giving is May 3

Bike Valet - TBDOn Tuesday, May 3, some 570 local nonprofit organizations will take part in the BIG Day of Giving, an annual 24-hour online fundraising challenge. SABA is the only one of those nonprofits with a mission to improve conditions for bicycles as everyday transportation.

When you support SABA on May 3, you’re supporting our mission to ensure that our region experiences of benefits of bicycling. People who travel by bike help keep our air cleaner, improve the overall health of our population, reduce traffic congestion, and support neighborhood-based retail businesses. It’s our mission to ensure that people on bikes have safe streets and convenient, comfortable routes.

Chris Shultz on ARPYour gift on May 3 will support our capacity to deliver lifesaving designs like those on Carlson Dr., reduce severe and fatal collisions in South Sacramento, turn community events into bikeable destinations, prevent bike theft, and help people on bikes ride confidently and safely.

You can make a donation from this BIG Day of Giving webpage.

You can also help by:
– Telling a friend about BIG DoG and why you support SABA
– Sharing a link to on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
– Volunteering to help us thank BIG DoG donors on May 4 (contact us at
– Celebrating with us on our happy hour ride to Bike Dog Brewing, 5:30 PM on May 3

People on bikes are helping make our neighborhoods and community a better place to live and work for everyone. Please help support this mission with a generous gift on May 3. Thanks!