H St. Bridge project limits bike access thru June 2015

Late this summer the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers began a 9-month project to install slurry walls at both ends of the H Street Bridge in East Sacramento. The project lasts from August 2014 to June 2015.

Throughout the project, the paths between the American River Parkway and the east end of the H Street Bridge (green line) will be used for truck access only and will be closed to bicycling and walking.

The nearest paths from the Parkway to the levee are located near the Guy West Bridge and the Campus Commons Golf Course.

The path connecting the levee top to the bridge will also be closed during construction. To reach the bridge from the levee on the upstream side of the bridge, follow the marked detour along a gravel path leading up to the Fair Oaks Blvd. sidewalk. Crossing at the Guy West Bridge, just east of the H Street Bridge, may be a more convenient alternative.

H Street Bridge east end
Starting this winter and continuing into June, the project focuses on the west (Sac State/River Park) side of the bridge. People traveling by bike will expect these temporary route changes:

– The path under the west end of the bridge, connecting the River Park and Sac State sides of the levee, will be closed to bicycling and walking (orange shaded area on the map below). To cross H and J streets in either direction, use the intersections at Carlson Drive. Crossing mid-block is illegal and also very hazardous due to high traffic speeds in both directions.

– The approach to the bridge on the levee top from the Sac State side will be closed. To cross the bridge, follow the detour (red dotted line) down from the levee and then back up alongside the temporary barricade on the south side of J Street. The green lines show the access routes for trucks and heavy equipment.

H Street Bridge west end