City Council Transportation Workshop: More talk or More Action?

On Tuesday, February 8th, at 5:00PM City Council will hold a workshop focusing on Active Transportation. The hope is to bring forward some BIG IDEAS that can propel Sacramento’s streets into safer places for all users while fighting climate change.

Recommendations from the report and work of the Mayors’ Commission on Climate Change identified active transportation as one of the easiest and least expensive elements to an overarching Climate Plan that has us significantly reducing our GHG’s by 2040. And yet, besides the pilot project of Slow and Active Streets, the City has focused on electrification. Until now.

Sacramento ranks 6th among the cities with the worst air quality in the US. Shifting a transportation focus from car-centric policies to centering people will dramatically help us have a bikable, walkable, livable city. We need you to tell City Council to adequately fund and prioritize active transportation. The only highways we need now are bicycle superhighways.

For more on the workshop and how you can participate, GO HERE.