Julie Williams, LCI, has a teachable moment at Bridgeport Elementary’s Bicycle Club

What a year! With the continuing news about our warming atmosphere and changing climate, we saw new bicycle infrastructure installed in our region, and some hard work from leaders in active transportation working to spread this work into our under-served areas.  SABA’s work on behalf of clean, healthful, sustainable transportation has never been more important. Below you’ll find a bit more about some of our accomplishments from 2019.

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Bike share

Photo: Lezlie Sterling/Sacbee

When the JUMP launched last spring, we worked with the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG), the agency that manages the regional bike share program, to help introduce the system, especially to under-served neighborhoods.

We partnered with JUMP and provided education classes for people in Sacramento as well as West Sacramento, boosting confidence and ridership. We continue to be a strong champion of bike share as a way to replace short car trips with bike trips.

Protected bikeways

Protected Bikeway on J Street in Midtown, Sacramento

We also continue to push for protected bikeways as the way to make busy streets function more safely and comfortably for a wider variety of bicyclists, especially those who are the most reluctant to ride directly next to vehicle traffic. Read more here.

Off-street paths

This year, we’ve continued to generate public support for off-street multi-use biking and walking paths.  Both the Mather Heritage Trail in Rancho Cordova, and the Sycamore Trail in West Sacramento, opened this past year and have seen a daily increase in use by bicyclists.  The Two Rivers Trail in Sacramento moved a step closer to fruition when we helped organize supporters to levee commission meetings. We will continue to keep a hand in this work as more and more people choose biking and walking paths for safer passage away from city streets and cars.

SAC Moves: Countywide transportation funding

The Sacramento region spends too little on transportation. Regionally, our spending is lower than comparable metropolitan areas elsewhere in California. That’s partly the result of not having enough locally controlled funding for transportation improvements. In most of our region, most transportation funding comes from competitive grants, which require local matching funds. Without a sufficient pool of locally controlled funds, we can’t generate much match funding, which limits the number and size of grants we pursue, and we also don’t have the capacity to make improvements quickly outside of grant cycles.

Last year, we began working with some of our closest allies – WALKSacramento, Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOS), Breathe California Sacramento Region and Sacramento Housing Alliance – on a strategy to fight for a community-driven process for producing the next countywide transportation sales tax measure, which would increase the amount of locally controlled funding for transportation. Measure B failed to win passage in 2016 in part because it was simply a shopping list, without clear goals that reflected what the community needs from its transportation system. With Sacramento County planning to put another transportation sales tax measure before voters in 2020, we want to make sure it fully understands what the community expects from the measure. SacMoves has a framework that was accepted by the STA Board and we are working to ensure that community voices are in the mix in a transparent process  which should guide the STA’s Board thinking on the 2020 sales tax measure.

Read more about our advocacy work.

Community Cycling Program

Education: Classes, Clubs and Rodeos!

Last year we held cycling skills classes for adults and this year we strengthened the program with bicycle clubs for students.

Students practice stopping and signaling skills with Arlete
Students practice stopping and signaling skills with Arlete Hodel, LCI.

Through the City of West Sacramento’s Safe Routes to School program, we coordinated Bicycle Clubs in three elementary schools. Kids met each week and worked on skills on the playground and then ventured out into the neighborhood, gaining confidence and strength as the Spring progressed. One youngster helped call-in a fire that had broken out while riding and another group of youngsters rode over to a West Sacramento firehouse for an afternoon excursion. This was great fun for the students and SABA staff too!

Bike Doc

Our crack team of bike mechanics performed safety checks and minor repairs on over 850 bikes in North Natomas through a partnership with JIBE. The program is so well received by community members and we saw the need in other areas so…


… we launched SABA’s Bike M.D. program with funding through Rancho Cordova’s Community Enhancement Grant. We are keeping bikes on the road for community members in Lincoln Village and for veteran’s up at the Mather Community Campus. We are excited about this program and are looking for ways to both grow it and launch similar programs in other areas of Sacramento.

Bike Valet

We provided valet bike parking for more than 10,000 bikes at some 250 community events, enabling thousands of people to bike to community events instead of drive. Those bike trips replaced car trips that would have pumped nearly 10 tons of carbon pollutants into the atmosphere and our lungs. Read more here.

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