20 years of May is Bike Month!

May is Bike Month is just about here!

May is Bike Month is a campaign where we celebrate our local bike culture and encourage new and experienced riders to replace their car trips with bike trips. The average car trip to run errands is 1-3 miles. This is a distance easily bikeable by people of all skill levels. Bicycling saves you money and time, plus it’s good for the environment, great for your wellbeing, and supports bike advocacy in your region long-term! Help us help you, your city, and the environment by logging your rides manually or with the Love to Ride app this May. 

We’re hoping to ride more, encourage more people to ride and to save more CO2 in 2024

Register now at mayisbikemonth.com and log your rides in May to win bikes, t-shirts, gift cards, park passes and more! Riders who register before April 28th are entered to win a commemorative 20 Years of May is Bike Month t-shirt.

You can also participate and win prizes by playing May is Bike Month Social Media Bingo:

And, don’t forget to check out all the awesome events around the great Sacramento region in May. You can find events near you on the BikeSacRegion365 event calendar. Don’t miss the upcoming SABA hosted events for bike month 2024:

1. May is Bike Month Kick Off/Breathe Bike Festival, 4/28

Get a jumpstart to May and join SABA and Breathe California on April 28th 2024 from 11:00am-2:00pm at Riverfront and Mill Streets for the third annual May is Bike Month Kick Off/Breathe Bike Festival in West Sacramento. You’ll find family activities, safety demonstrations, e-bike test rides, local partners, helmet decorating, blender bikes, bike repairs and displays, May is Bike Month swag, and so much more! Bike Party Sacramento is DJing, with food from Chando’s Tacos. Bring your friends and family to enjoy the wonderful view of the river! Check the Breathe California event website and bikesacregion365.net event calendar for details about group rides leading into the event. 

2.  Biking While Black, 5/2

Join us for this important film screening at the Guild Theater in Oak Park on Thursday, May 2nd.

3. SABA Bike Swap+Sale+Show @ Two Rivers Cider, 5/11

Two Rivers Cider is hosting the SABA Bike Swap+Sale+Show fundraiser on May 11th, 2024 from 10am-2pm. 

Join us at Two Rivers for vendor booths to swap and sell bike goods, a bike show (low rider, vintage [pre-1990], modern [post-1990], BMX, and people’s choice), plus food, drink, music, giveaways, and on-site bike repair and bike valet. Scan the flyer QR code or click here to sign up for a vendor table or to show a bike.

4. Mileage Madness, 5/11-5/19

SABA is hosting a competition mileage drive for May is Bike Month 2024: Mileage Madness!

The main goal of MiBM is getting people to choose biking over driving for transportation, and usually all prizes are for the number of trips overall – except for during Mileage Madness week! We are partnering with REI to have mileage, not trip, specific prizes for the week of 5/11/24-5/19/24. We will announce winners for most miles during the week for four categories: men, women, nonbinary, and teams, at the VeloRama party at Bike Dog West Sac on 5/19 (see flyer). This means groups can compete against other groups again for MiBM. If you haven’t already, create an account on mayisbikemonth.com and log your rides using the Love to Ride app or manually on the site (can also sync to Strava, or from RidewithGPS to Strava to Love to Ride). 

5. Cargo Bike Races at Township 9 Park, 5/18

Join us for some wild and whacky cargo bike races! Type 2 fun right here!

6. VeloRama, 5/19

Join SABA and REI at Bike Dog West Sac on 5/19 for a party celebrating the end of Mileage Madness week. Vendors, DJ, REI perks and displays, food trucks, drinks, and more. Meet at Paco’s Midtown for a guided ride to the party! Check the BikeSacRegion365 calendar for details. 

7. Folsom 2 Folsom: SABA Social Ride, 5/26

The Folsom to Folsom ride returns! Check the BikeSacRegion365 calendar for details later in the month. 

8. May is Bike Month Afterparty, 5/31

Once it’s all said and done, cruise on over to join us for the Afterparty. Details forthcoming!


Did we mention prizes? Oh heck yeah! Here’s a partial list:

  • Grand prize: REI generation e1.2 mini cargo bike
  • REI Co-op Cycles ADV 2.2 Gravel Bike (REI sweepstakes)
  • REI gift cards
  • Commemorative 20 years of May is Bike Month T-shirts (early bird prize drawing)
  • Riverfox Train Railbike excursions 
  • MIBM Socks
  • BMX bike donation from Sutterville Bicycle Company
  • Rivet Cycle Works leather grips 
  • Rivet Cycle Works leather bike bag
  • Bingo prizes (tbd)
  • Mileage Madness prizes (tbd)
  • Cargo Bike Race prizes (tbd)
An REI e-bike as a grand prize! Wow!
Get your gravel on with an REI gravel bike!

We hope to see you at one or many events around the region. Check the calendar as more events and energizer stations come online. Got a bike ride or event to add to the calendar? Enter it here!

Finally, we couldn’t make all this BikeLove happen without the support from our sponsors. We appreciate your support of active transportation which helps to create a safer, greener, more climate friendly Sacramento region! We wish everyone a GREAT May and most importantly, #getoutside and ride your bike!

May is Bike Month 2021

Everyday is a good day to choose riding a bike, but May is special because people want to get outside and enjoy our wonderful city in warmer weather. It’s a time when everyone in the region celebrates bicycling, which is good for your health, and good for our environment. Every May, cyclists in the region pledge to ride their bikes and log miles and trips and have been doing so since 1956!

May is Bike Month 2021 will mostly be virtual, but we are planning on hosting a few rides in small groups. There are plenty of activities and events scheduled all around town and you can find them on this calendar, which is hosted by SACOG.

SABA is holding RIY (Ride it Yourself) activities and is hosting pop-up energizers in all around town. We are partnering with friends to help highlight what’s going on, and we hope that you’ll join us for many of our activities, which you can find here. Plus, there’s swag to be had!

We will post up rides and activities for you to enjoy with directions so that you can earn SABA and MiBM swag. Look for the latest information in our bi-monthly Gear’d Up, on our Facebook page and Instagram. Get out there and learn about our city, visit interesting new places and enjoy riding around our region. Don’t forget to tag pictures with #mayisbikemonth, #sacbikesmay2021, and #sacbike.

Week 1 UPDATE: We had a blast out at Success Academy on Saturday and on the ARBT & Chase Dr. on Sunday. Riders stopped by to win swag, answer simple questions and if needed, get their bike fixed. We’ll be out at Discovery Park on Sunday, May 16, from 10:00-12:00. Stop by, say hello, and win SWAG!

Happy riders on the ARBT!

May is Bike Month ACTivities!

Ride it Yourself (RiY) Sac Mural tour

SABA Mural Tour. We created this last year, but it’s a great one. Ride to a variety of the murals around town. Take a selfie at each mural you ride to. Tag #sacbike, #sacbikesmay2021, #mayisbikemonth, & #wow.

When you’ve completed your mural tour, taken selfies and have uploaded them to @sacbike, or have tagged #sacbike, then go here to earn swag!

RiY – Bike Route Sacramento – West Sacramento

RIY West Sacramento. We’ve partnered again with Peter Hansell, creator of the Bike Route Sacramento board game. His routes are inspired by the Board game. Ride any and all of the RIY routes during MiBM and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a copy of the Board Game!

When you’ve completed the ride, and taken selfies, send everything to Angela@sacbike.org with your proof of riding, OR go here to earn swag! That’s your entry into the Board game drawing. Enjoy!

RIY – West Sacramento Gravel! Once again Peter Hansell came up with the goods for another fun quick ride. You don’t need a fancy gravel bike to have fun on this, but if ya DO happen to have one, shred with it! Same deal as above to win swag or a copy of Peter’s game Bike Route Sacramento. Take selfies and send them to Angela@sacbike.org.

RiY – Gina Rossi Bike Rack Challenge!

Gina Rossi is an amazing artist who has created bike racks and works of art all over Sacramento. Her nickname? Bike Rack Gurl, of course! The Bike Rack Challenge challenges you to ride around town finding the racks on this map. Take a selfie with you and the bike rack and submit your info here.

This amazing woman was recently diagnosed with leukemia. This May, she’ll undergo a bone marrow transplant from her Haplo sister. Because she is mixed with Pacific Islander, Gina could not find a full match from “Be The Match”, an organization that matches donors with people in need.

SABA invites you to join us in sending Gina our positive thoughts and prayers for a successful transfusion and a speedy recovery. We support Gina in bringing awareness to the importance of the Be The Match organization. She hopes that by sharing her experiences she can help others facing similar difficulties. Be The Match needs more Pacific Islanders and African-Americans donors to save lives. 

See this short KCRA clip on Gina’s incredible work:

May is Bike Month 2020

We know that everyone is staying safe at home, washing hands, and basically doing what they can to avoid Co-Vid 19. But! Did you know that cycling has been deemed an essential activity? Yes! Biking is the perfect solo activity to get fresh air and exercise while you practice safe physical distancing. It’s great for the mind, body, and soul, and we’re here to celebrate biking in all its forms! Whether you’re riding around the block, around your neighborhood, by yourself, or with your immediate family, cycling is good for your head, good for your heart and good for everyone.

This year, May is Bike Month is going virtual! SABA will be offering a series of rides and scavenger hunts that you can do on your own to earn prizes as well as logging in your trips on the May Is Bike Month trip calculator.

Each week, we’ll post up a new set of rides and activities for you to enjoy with directions so that you can earn credit towards SABA and MiBM swag. Look for the latest information in our bi-monthly Gear’d Up, on our Facebook page and Instagram. Get out there and learn about our city, visit interesting new places and enjoy riding around our great city. Don’t forget to tag pictures with #mayisbikemonth, #sacbikerides2020

  1. Ride and Seek week one’s activities are here:

When you complete the ride, upload your answers here.

2. Ride and Seek week 2 activities:

When you complete the ride, upload your answers here.

3. Ride and Seek week 3 activities:

When you complete the ride, upload your answers here.

3. Ride and Seek week 4 activities:

When you complete the ride, upload your answers here.