We know that’s a bold statement to make, but it’s gonna take more than EV’s to turn the climate crisis around. We’re not saying don’t purchase an EV if you have the means to do it, but there are other things that you can do, and since we are bicycle advocates, we are gonna focus on those.

Ride your bike! Use it for short trips around town. Every time you choose your bike instead of your vehicle you are saving CO2 emissions which contribute to rising heat and vehicles add to congestion. We are traffic!

Consider an e-bike! We’ve been taking a fleet of e-bikes to events around the region and everyone who gets on one, LOVES it! The state is working on a voucher program, which we hope launches soon, but in the meantime, reach out to us to find out where we’ll be with our E-Bike Education and Experience team. We’ll help you think through all the attributes of e-bikes to help you decide which bike might be right for you. Click here for more on e-bike basics.

This is SABA: by working to make it safe and convenient for more people to take more trips by bike, we’re helping make the Sacramento region a cleaner, healthier, happier place to live and work. We:

  • Improve bike infrastructure and make our streets safer through Advocacy.
  • Turn community events into bikeable destinations through our Bike Valet program.
  • Provide free maintenance checks and simple repairs through Ride Ready Repair to keep bikes rolling safely.
  • We are working to get more people to choose an e-bike for short trips around town with our E-bike Education and Experience Project.
  • Connect bike donors with people needing bikes through BikeMatchSac.
  • Provide lights for bicycle safety at night through Lights On.
  • Provide skills training to teach the basics of bicycling safely and confidently.
  • Help businesses be more bike-friendly by providing Support for Businesses.

Latest News (Gear’d Up)

In-Depth Look

20 years of May is Bike Month!

20 years of May is Bike Month and this will be the best one yet! We hope you join us at one of the many events happening across the Sacramento region

Build Truxel Bridge for Transit & Bikes – Not for Cars

Truxel Bridge is the latest proposal to connect South Natomas with the railyards with a new bridge. Currently, the cycling routes from South Natomas into Sacramento get flooded during winter, and there is no light rail access to the 100,000 residents in Natomas. A new…

Wet N Wild: How to Brave Riding a Bike in the Rain

We’ve all had the experience of seeing a cyclist riding in the rain and shaking our heads in either pity or awe. We wonder why they choose to endure such misery. There’s many reasons folks ride bikes, even in the rain: they live in Seattle…

Recommendations to make Sacramento a safer city for bikes

The City of Sacramento has an Active Transportation Commission (ATC), comprised by a group of appointees from each council district, plus the Mayor, and appointees from the Personnel and Public Employees committee. While the City continues to proactively pursue efforts that will improve walking and…