Did you know that E-bikes cost 40% LESS than EV’s to operate and nearly 75% less than gas-powered vehicles?

Sacramento Supermarket Sweep was a resounding success! Close to 900 lbs of food was gathered and close $2000 spent! BIG thanks to everyone who came out to participate! All proceeds were delivered to the River City Food Bank.

By working to make it safe and convenient for more people to take more trips by bike, we’re helping make the Sacramento region a cleaner, healthier, happier place to live and work. We:

  • Improve bike infrastructure and make our streets safer through Advocacy.
  • Turn community events into bikeable destinations through our Bike Valet program.
  • Provide free maintenance checks and simple repairs through Bike MD to keep bikes rolling safely.
  • We are working to get more people to choose an e-bike for short trips around town with Ebike Experience Project.
  • Connect bike donors with people needing bikes through BikeMatchSac.
  • Provide lights for bicycle safety at night through Lights On.
  • Provide skills training to teach the basics of bicycling safely and confidently.
  • Help businesses be more bike-friendly by providing Support for Businesses.

Latest News (Gear’d Up)

In-Depth Look

Recommendations to make Sacramento a safer city for bikes

The City of Sacramento has an Active Transportation Commission (ATC), comprised by a group of appointees from each council district, plus the Mayor, and appointees from the Personnel and Public Employees committee. While the City continues to proactively pursue efforts that will improve walking and…

New Bikeways in the Central City

We’ve fielded a number of emails and texts asking us about the new protected bikeways going in due to the Central City Mobility Project, currently under construction in Sacramento. We sent our questions over to the Central Mobility Project Team, and here are their answers…

May is Bike Month 2023

Are you ready for May is Bike Month?  Bike Month is just around the corner so get ready to ride! Are you tired of being cooped up with all this rain like we are? We hope you’ll join us—and bring a friend—in celebrating Bike Month…

BGDB founder offers ways to make cycling more inclusive

When Monica Garrison started a Facebook group called Blacks Girls Do Bike (BGDB) in 2013, she was hopeful more than anything else. She was looking for women like her, women of color, who were interested in riding together. Soon, BGDB expanded. Her small riding group…