About Us

SABA is a non-profit organization dedicated to making our region a safer, healthier, and friendlier place to ride a bike, whether for commuting, recreation, or exercise, for all people, regardless of race, income, or ability. We stand committed to fostering safe and accessible streets for biking and other modes of active transportation in Sacramento area neighborhoods that, as a result of historically unsustainable and inequitable land-use decisions, are disproportionately burdened by poor air quality and the highest rates of traffic injuries and fatalities. SABA will work to promote diverse and inclusive participation in local transportation decision making by raising the voices of residents of historically marginalized communities and communities of color. With your help, we can advocate for an equitable transportation system to address public and environmental health disparities and promote healthy, sustainable communities for all.


Streets, roads, and trails are public places where people feel empowered to ride bicycles as a fun and practical way to get wherever they want to go.


SABA improves the quality of life in the Sacramento region by enabling people in all communities to make more and safer trips by bicycle.


1. Increase, review and manage SABA funding in order to grow staff and program capacity.

2. Identify, partner with and promote non-infrastructure bicycle encouragement programs.

3. Promote improvements to the bicycling infrastructure by local governments.

4. Partner with community organizations to promote cycling in the Sacramento region and conduct outreach to maintain existing relationships and engage new constituencies.

5. Build and strengthen relationships with local decision-makers to promote cycling.

6. Strengthen the Board of Directors to more effectively pursue the organizational mission.