About Us

We’re working hard to make our region a cleaner, healthier, friendlier place to live and work.


We seek to improve the quality of life in the Sacramento region by enabling more residents to make more and safer trips by bicycle.


Color_Elemental_2We envision a region where the streets and roads are public places accessible by all modes of transportation and where residents feel empowered to choose bicycling when it suits their needs.

We see streets as public places.

We know that public streets are public places, designed for people and not just the machines they use for transportation. Our streets are the foundation of our neighborhoods, connecting us to each other and to nearly everything we do in our daily lives. We strongly believe that these public spaces should be equally accessible, safe and convenient for everyone regardless of how they choose to travel (or why) and should encourage people to engage with each other at a direct, human scale. And when streets are returned to the people who use them, we will watch businesses thrive and people enjoy more vibrant, satisfying lives.

We see bicycling as a crucial way forward.

Bicycles are elegantly simple machines that have proven highly effective for helping us achieve and maintain good health; improve air quality and reduce other environmental impacts of our transportation choices; connect to each other, our communities and the natural world; lower stress; and reduce traffic congestion — all while helping us get to work, school and essential services. In one form or another, bicycles are available to almost everyone, and the largest barriers to their widespread use are correctable past mistakes that privilege and prioritize motor vehicles over other modes of personal transportation.



We are not alone in seeking the benefits of a community that supports active transportation options for everyone.

  • We will take advantage of natural partnerships with other active transportation advocates and those who share our interest in health and safety.
  • We will embrace neighborhood-level organizing to alert us to poor cycling conditions and drive solutions to local problems.
  • We will keep our members and the public informed about issues of importance to our mission and encourage both to stay engaged with our efforts.
  • We will hold elected officials and government staff accountable for the decisions they make that affect the success of active transportation efforts. We will not hesitate to praise where appropriate and scold when necessary.
  • We will ask our members, constituents and the public how we can help them improve their ability to travel by bike conveniently and safely.



We must have transportation infrastructure designed and operated so that any bike-rider can get to any destination safely and conveniently at any time.

  • We will advocate for roadways that invite people to use ride bicycles for everyday transportation, health and fun.
  • We will identify gaps in the region’s network of bikeways and see they are fixed.
  • We will find ways to tell bike-riders where they are and how to get where they want to go.
  • We will push for reasonable bicycle access for recreational off-street use.
  • We will not accept roadways designed or operated in ways that create or fail to remove hazards for bike-riders.



We are dedicated to advocating on behalf of bicycling for as long as it takes to accomplish our goals.

  • We will secure funding to support all of our efforts.
  • We will attract and engage volunteers and members, especially among under-represented communities.
  • We will host fun and engaging events.
  • We will govern ourselves well and recruit skilled, active and interested leadership.